CASA HABESHA INC is a direct importer and supplier of 35+ different kinds of naturally grown and produced spices and dry foods coming exclusively from the land of Ethiopia.
It is widely known that we call "Yehbesha" all grains, herbs, spices, etc. Their world wide acceptance is because they grow organically with all their natural flavor and test our lands.
We prepare all of these products the highest quality Berberre, Shiura, Besso, Mitin Shuro, with the due attention that is normal for household consumption.
Since we make it with the utmost care, we are granted a certificate from the FDA. We are in a position to send you whatever you want wherever you want and would be very pleased to assist you with every courtesy of our facility.
Berbere Seasoning Blend
Beso Roasted Barley Flour
Dirkosh Dried Enjera Crumbs
Kolo Roasted Grain
Metin Shuro Chickpea Flour with Spices
Mitmitta Cayenne Pepper
Shuro Chickpea Flour