CASA HABESHA is a Rochester, NY based store established and registered in 2016 that imports and distributes

  1. Ethiopian well know organic gluten-free Teff, roasted cereals (kolo) and all kinds of carefully prepared spices as well as herbs.
  2. Locally hand-made furniture like nail-less stools (Berchumma), straw materials like mesob, sefed, Muday, wall ornaments, souvenirs, etc.
  3. All kinds of traditional clothes made of cotton. Gabi, Netela, Yeanget Libs (scarves). We also tailor custom made dresses for men and women of all ages.


Ethiopia is an amazing land where practically every type of plant can grow on. As such, it is no surprise for it is a homeland of many different types of cereals. One of these, of course, is TEFF; this very tiny cereal is now at the center of attention for its endless healthy values.
We deliver to any part of the world, according to your needs (type and quality) NECH, SERGEGNA, KEYE. It is our pleasure to inform you that we can also ship to you our best known injera and all of the spices and herbs originally from Ethiopia.
What is an Ethiopian home, restaurant or office without at least one traditional Ethiopian stool (Berchuma) or straw art works, such as MESOB, SEFED, etc.? You need it? We have it!
We firmly believe that tailoring thousands of years of long tradition handmade art or fabric in modern dress is not just a thrilling experience, but a very great responsibility, too.
Our Hebesha dresses are not just dresses, they are prepared with passion, long work hours to make and deliver the best to you.


  • You can choose from our ---- + types of TIBEBES
  • Because we sew the dress exclusively for you, we can assist you personally (on the phone or online) on whatever you are interested in (Amharic or English)